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Your play on the course is a direct reflection of your practice...Learn how to turn practice into a skill building explosion with these options!

The Practice of Great Practice

A membership site for players who are serious about improving their practice. Performance is a direct reflection of practice. Live sessions are interactive and engaging so you can learn what YOU need to do to make practice great

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Training To Be A Beast

A course that teaches you a step by step approach to performing like a beast under pressure. Learn the secret methods to training your golf game. The revolutionary training model that has yielded over 300 wins for students.

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How To Play Golf In College

A step by step approach to navigating the college recruiting process. Learn how to target your dream school and become desirable to coaches! This course includes guides and templates to make the process very easy for you. You will understand exactly what to do.

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""This is amazing! I have never been so confident playing before. The practice structure and the pillars brought so much clarity. I am playing the best golf of my life! Thank you"

Jackson T.
5 Handicap from a 10

""This is so inspiring! I have tried everything. Understanding how to practice to perform better on the course is the absolute difference maker. Nothing has impacted my game like this. I didn't even have to change my swing!"

Iris C.
12 Handicap from a 20

"What a game changer! My eyes are totally open. I can not get enough of Kiel's lessons. I can not wait to keep learning and improving. There is nothing out there like this!"

Joe E
College Player

Kiel Alderink

Hi! My name is Kiel. I am fortunate to be rated "Best Young Teachers in America" by Golf Digest. I am the owner and operator of Champion Ways Golf Performance. Champion Ways is all about performing at the highest level. I am here to help you reach your performance goals. The programs are designed for your specific needs and unlike ANYTHING out there. Check it out! You will not be disappointed.  

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