High Performance Short Game - Highly Effective Lessons To Scoring Your Best On The Course

Do you chunk your chips ..... or blade them?? The odds are you are doing 1 of the 2. That is why you are here...right??

Well, it is time to be tired of losing strokes to the short game. 

It all changes for you right now!!

In High Performance Short Game, you will learn:

  • The 5 shots you need and how to master them quickly
  • Highly effective and simple drills to accelerate your learning
  • The Champion Ways 4 Pillar Practice system to master the shots on the golf course
  • A simple system to picking the right shot to play EVERY TIME
  • Examples of every situation around the green and how to play it
  • Mindset mistakes you are making and how to quickly change doubt to confidence
  • Practice plans to build world class skill


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