How to Play Golf in College

The step by step approach to navigating the college recruiting process and landing your dream school. 

Course Outline:

Must Know Before You Start

    1. What Division is Right for You?  
    2.  What Tournaments You Should be Playing
    3.  Coaches are Looking For You  
    4.  Truth About Scholarships
  1.  Finding Your Ideal School 
    1.  Creating Your Top 10  
    2.  3 Categories to Create  
    3.  College Finder Tutorial  
    4.  How to Find Coaches Contact Info Tutorial  
  2.  What You Need To Have 
    1.  Registering with the NCAA  
    2.  Resume
    3. Resume Tutorial  
    4. YouTube Page  
    5. Upcoming Schedule  
  3. Making Contact 
    1.  The Initial Email
    2. Follow Up Method  
    3. How to Handle A Coach That Is Being Indecisive
  4.  How to Communicate With Coaches 
    1.  Profiling Coaches
    2. What Questions to Ask and What You Learn From Them  
    3. What These Questions Tell You
  5.  The Process Going Forward 
    1. Campus Visits and Camps  
    2. Verbal Commitments vs Signing Letter of Intent
  6.  Bonuses
    1.  Recruiting Video Ideas

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